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Miss Budweiser's Legendary History

Designed and built by legendary boat builders Rybovich & Sons Boat Works in Florida, the Miss Budweiser, hull # 49, was only the second boat in history to be built using the revolutionary Cold-Mold process. Palm Beach Sportsman James Kimberly of Kimberly / Clark was impressed with the experiments conducted at the boat yard and gave Tommy Rybovich the order to build a 50' sportfisherman using the new technique. In addition, she was the first sport fishing boat to have a mezzanine style cockpit. The Blue Fox was launched in late 1961 and set the stage for eventual conversion of all new hulls within the next seven years.
In 1962 The Blue Fox was purchased by Anheuser Busch where the boat was enjoyed by many including Gussie Busch,  his friends, wholesalers and family.  Renamed Miss Budweiser, she was host to many celebrities and business giants in her days of catching "the big one" off the Florida coast and through the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. You are now part of the legend.

In early 2010, Miss Budweiser was purchased by Twin Eagles Group LLC, a Delaware corporation. She underwent  a major refit and renovation and re-launched  in 2012.

She is currently available for charter and it is planned to fish the Miss Budweiser from Florida, through the Bahamas and West Indies to the northern tip of South America where she will skirt the coast and then cruise through the Panama Canal. She will then venture north visiting gorgeous ports of call in Central America and Mexico before reaching the San Francisco Bay Area. If all goes she'll turn her around and do it again.

During her journey, she will be available to provide the quintessential experience for sport fishing, sight seeing and all manners of tropical pleasures