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Another Full Week on the Miss Budweiser

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Another Full Week on the Miss Budweiser

Aug 01, 2016

The week began with Rick fishing with us again. It was a nice day and not too rough and we landed a white marlin (around 40 pounds) right before noon. We didn’t get anything for the rest of the day but we did manage to cover quite a bit of ocean.


The next day was nice but the temperature was getting warmer by the second when it is 79° by 9:00 AM you know it is going to be a hot day. We landed a white marlin in the morning and I tied into a blue marlin a bit later, but unfortunately lost it due to not paying close enough attention, this of course was pointed out to me very clearly. Later the seas got pretty rough, 3 to 5 feet with some bigger waves mixed in just for fun. We managed to cover over 50 miles in 6 hours of trolling, here’s a helpful hint; move your hips around in rough water and keep your upper body steady – it really makes a difference if you are feeling a bit of seasickness. We’ve had an issue with the water pump over the last couple of days and that makes it difficult when you have no ice, no shower and no wash down while underway.

We came out the following day to dead calm and blazing hot and we have a new fisherman on board, Patrick who’ll be with us through the weekend. We had 3 encounters today but didn’t catch a thing and there wasn’t another boat in sight all day. We have covered over 300 miles this week and had a long boring ride back to harbor – but hey, that’s fishing right?

As we begin a new day we see that is calm and is going to be another scorcher. The good news is we fixed the water pump and the air conditioning in Miss Budweiser’s cabin is a sublime 72°. Showers, the ability to wash down, ice and air conditioning make all the difference in the world. We managed to hook two white marlin but couldn’t land them, frustrating yes, but that is why we are out here practicing before the tournament. It took us an extra hour to get back to harbor as we had to skirt some ugly thunderstorms that were alive with dangerous lightning. Tuna towers and lightning don’t mix!

Today the Miss Budweiser gets some new blood! Captain Bill’s family joins us for a truly great day of fishing. Besides Jeff, our first mate, myself, and Patrick is the captain, his wife Wynn, his son William and William’s girlfriend Mary. We start out the day with 3 mahi mahi. Mary lands the first one, Wynn is next and then William rounds out the trio with a nice 25 pound bull. Later, Mary the smallest person on board, fights in a beautiful, 75 pound white marlin. It is a challenge for her but she stays with it gets it landed. It is the second white marlin of the day (and Mary’s first white marlin ever). Everyone had a great time, lots of laughs and fabulous fishing.


It’s just the six of us the next day, as Patrick will be back for the tournament, and everybody is pretty tired – we’ve been fishing fools! We lost a white marlin and had a blue marlin on the line but that created a horrible bird’s nest on the reel and the beautiful fish swam happily away after breaking the line. We did land a nice white marlin later in the day- all in all it has been a great week of fishing. The captain’s family go home tomorrow, so we are going to take a day off, rest up and get ready for another week of tournament preparation on the ocean.



Michael Flanigan