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Ocean City Maryland!

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Ocean City Maryland!

Jul 25, 2016

On July 13 the Miss Budweiser left Singer Island and headed for Saint Simeon Island. She then journeyed to the South Fork and lastly Virginia Beach. On July 16th she arrived at the Sunset Marina in Ocean City, Maryland. Helen and I left on the 12th and had dinner with great friends in Daytona Beach arriving at the Inn at Perry Cabin on July 15th Our stay lasted through the 18th. It is a very special place and if you can make it, we would highly recommend it.

The boat is at the Sunset Marina which has two pools, bar, a nice restaurant and a little market. It is very pretty place with beautiful landscaping including what I think are the largest hibiscus around.


Wednesday was our first day fishing and we had a guest named Rick Fisher who is an old friend of our Captain, Bill Davis. We had to go about 90 miles (about three hours) so leaving at four or five in the morning is simply part of the program here in Ocean City, Maryland. The day started cloudy and rainy with lightning that was way too close for comfort which is ironic. It was a tough day and we didn't see or catch anything. While the day did clear up and it was beautiful in the afternoon, regardless, we got skunked after15 hours on the water and 8 hours of trolling, we covered about 60 miles. 

The ironic part is that when we got back to the dock, sadly Rick’s house in Delaware got hit by lightning and caused damage.

Day two of fishing again started early. A beautiful and calm morning but unfortunately, we saw nothing moving at all. Around noon, we decided to move to a place called Baltimore Canyon. Fishing was difficult possibly because of the full moon the night before, maybe too much bait in the water. We did see pilot whales, dolphins and a beautiful manta ray just jumping and flipping around. We cut a small mahi mahi, and you're fishing for Marlin. Skunked again.

The purpose of this trip is to prepare for the two great eastern coast marlin fishing tournaments. The first is the White Marlin Open, fishing days from August 8th to August 12th. The second is the Mid Atlantic 500 with fishing days from August 22nd to August 26th. We won't be leaving until at least August 27th. Stay tuned – More to come!



Michael Flanigan