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The White Marlin Tournament

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The White Marlin Tournament

Aug 18, 2015


For the first time, we ventured into partnership for a tournament.  Dugan McLaughlin and I met with our crews the first week of August in Ocean City, Maryland.  He and his wife Stephanie came with their son  (angler) Reid, and daughter and son-in-law, Shelly and (angler) Kent Scott.  

Dugan spent most of his time in the tower, his favorite place on the boat.  “It was slow work”, he said,  “There were about 10 mystery bites”.   All in all The Miss Budweiser caught 3, hooked 3 others and then there were the mystery bites!

The weather was tough during the White Marlin Tournament. The five day tournament let you choose which three days to fish, which is a good thing, as the second day, the seas were 7 to 8 feet high!  Even the commercial fishing boats didn’t go out.  

On our second day of fishing (our third day there), it was still a rough ride out to the fishing grounds.  No matter how steady your sea legs, we were all feeling it.  By the afternoon, the water smoothed; it was clear, calm and beautiful. While we did get a bite before noon, we didn’t land the big one.    

On our final day, our #1 angler, Bill Kimble landed a white marlin.  There are some pictures below of the catch.  Although we didn’t win this time, our crew worked the Maryland waters well and we look forward to the next one! 











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