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Salt Water Game Fish

Miss Budweiser is designed and equipped to catch fish. She has a long history of catching the big one, there is no thrill like it in the world. Many of the fish that you are likely to encounter, not only will give the angler a tremendous fight but yeild some of the most tender, delicious meat of any of the seas.

With a little bit of luck you will test your strength and stamina against any of these fighting game fish:

Marlin - A fast-running, slashing surface battler. Whites range up to 200 lbs. Blues can top 1,500 lbs. Both species can stage incredible aerial acrobatics when hooked.

Wahoo - This slender cousin of the mackerel is a ferocious fighter, weighing as much as 200 lbs. It is a tremendously fast swimmer.

Bonito - A handsome member of the Tuna family, weighing up to 50 lbs. Pound for pound one of the best fighting fish in the world.

King Mackerel - Largest of the mackerel the kingfish puts up a formidable struggle on light to medium tackle.

Bluefin Tuna - This big powerful fish is an incredibly strong fighter with unmatched stamina.

Dolphin / Dorado - A brilliantly colored game fish, known also as Mahi Mahi in the south pacific it often tops 50 pounds, can be extremely acrobatic when hooked and changes colors when under stress.

Sailfish - A spectacular, surface fighting game fish. A favorite catch for anglers. This fighter can weigh 100 lbs. or more and makes an outstanding trophy.

Barracuda - The "Tiger of the Sea". These savage fighters can weigh more than 100 lbs and have been known to attack man.